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Food suppliment

About my oil

I am passionate about my oil, passionate about my customers and passionate about service. was established with a mission to provide the best quality oil and accessories

at the best possible prices, alongside the best possible customer service and support.


My hard work, dedication and enthusiasm has secured and proven my position as one of the world’s premier

Cbd oil providers.

I go the extra mile to ensure that my customers are provided with appropriate and reliable products,

support and information.

I offer several means for our customers to get in touch and contact me  - Please visit the contact page.


I stock only the finest products, ensuring I continue to meet the needs of both new

and experienced customers alike.

I only stock quality oil, vaporising devices and associated products.

Unlike some other companies, I never allow my oil to be seen as a simple ‘commodity’  - I  believe in what I sell.  truly values some basic principles of integrity and honesty,

This reflects on how I treat my customers.

If I get the service wrong, it's because I have made a mistake!

On the rare occassion this occurs, so that I can correct myself and build a better service,

I encourage all my customers to give me feedback, Via my customer services -

facebook page or website - Just let me know!





Word has spread about the benefits of Cbd and the market is growing rapidly

as the positives surrounding Cbd are starting to be more widely understood.

This growth has produced a rush of "carpetbaggers" profiteering from Cbd.           

They often supply from whatever source can be found, irrespective of the quality

or indeed an understanding of the constituent ingredients.

The latest Scam is from companies selling  CBD Isolate Crystals.

As the name suggests they chemically isolate the Cbd from the oil into crystal form.

These crystals then contain no terpenes or any other cannabinoids.   


Then comes the clever marketing ploy of advertising them as 99% Cbd crystals.                   

This is very different from saying they have a Cbd Strength of 99%.

Consider this –  If the original Cbd strength of the oil they use is only 1%

then you have just paid an awful lot of money for 1% strength crystals

which contain no other cannabinoids or terpines.

What is worse though, is I have now seen the same sellers advertising natural terpines for sale!

Yes the very same terpines which were originally in the oil - and now not satisfied with fleecing you with low strength, overpriced Cbd crystals, they wish to sell you back the redundant terpines too!!!

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Excellent. within a week this has helped cut down smoking by half.       Great service as well.
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and this is a perfect swap from bud.

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Dosage Guidelines


Cannabidiol therapeutics is a personalised treatment, the appropriate dosage very much depends upon the person

and condition being treated.


1. Decide how you want to take cannabidiol, my CBD-rich oil is best taken neat under the tongue,

but it can also be vaped via my G3 vape pen.

It can also be added to a carrier oil and maybe massaged, or added to bathing water.

2. Find your ratio.  CBD is concentrated (with little THC) only personal preference combined with experiment

and adjustment will find the correct dosage for you.

3. Begin with a low dose, especially if you have not used CBD Oil before.

4. Take a few small doses over the course of the day rather than one big dose.

5. Use the same dose and ratio for several days.

Observe the effects and consider if you need to adjust the ratio or amount.

6. Don’t overdo it. Often with cannabinoids, “less is more.”  CBD compounds have biphasic properties.

This means that higher doses of CBD may not be as effective as low or moderate doses.

7. Consider the condition you’re treating, you may do better with a moderate dose of a CBD Oil.

8. Research your related condition. Lots of data is available from individuals who have successfully treated certain conditions, they may offer help and guidance.


Suggested Use:

Always shake the bottle well before use.
Put 3 drops on your fingertip and rub under your tongue at any one time and leave them there for 3 minutes.

Observe how you react and adjust the regularity of the dose to what you feel best with.
Effects usually start after 20 minutes and last between 4 to 6 hours.

If in public and in need, you may feel more comfortable “topping up” via my G3 vape pen.


DO NOT use if under 18

DO Not use if pregnant or breast feeding.

Always seek medical advice.

Remember, you cannot overdose CBD in a negative way, so don't worry if you have taken too much.

Thank you sooo much for the oil,

I put it in my e cig. about 6 drops and been feeling much better. I love it xxxxxxx.

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What you're telling me



I recently tried to re- order this product and was told by the seller that I could no longer purchase the item via Paypal, as they have withdrew their paymenent services.

Paypal have stated that the item is "a questionable commodity" and "in breach of their ethics".

I understand the sentiment behind this decision because it was a point of view that I myself held until recently, however after doing a lot of research I discovered that CBD oil is very different from regular cannabis products.


I am the last person alive who would take any form of recreational drugs. I was brought up in the midst of them and saw first hand the slow drip of destruction they had on family members and their lives.

I got out of that environment but was left with injuries which 40 years on have left me in chronic pain.

Because I'm reluctant to take any form of drugs, I've tried all sorts of alternative remedies to find relief from the pain but none of them have worked.

I started looking at CBD oil when I was researching its uses for a friend of mine.

Long story short – I ended up purchasing CBD oil from this seller.


I assure you that I am not seeking to 'get high' from this product, if I wanted medicine that would knock me out

or get me high I could easily get prescription drugs from my GP which would be far cheaper!

I am writing because I'm no longer able to purchase the oil through this secure channel because of this misunderstanding.

I have no knowledge or relationship with the seller other than through the purchase of this product

and have no interest in his business other than to purchase his product.

I wondered if Paypal would consider taking another look at the misrepresentation of CBD oil and perhaps reinstate its services to somebody whom I've found to be an honest and genuine seller.


I have been using for nearly 3 weeks now and have noticed a remarkable change in the way my back has been.

Many Thanks shall be using you in the future.

                                                See the independent G2 Vape Pen review by "Foxs Reviews"

 Just wanted to let you know all arrived ok.
She has tried it and is sleeping soundly for the first time in I can't remember.
Once again many thanks and will be back for a repeat when she has used some.
Best, M

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